dr. Richard Dwight

Aerodynamics, TU Delft

sparse grid and Sobol index code (Python)

Sparse grid (Smolyak) and Sobol index code written for uncertainty quantification in the course of my research. It is available here under the LGPL in the hope that it will be useful.


The "index-set" construction allows definition of arbetrary sparse-grid fill-patterns by hand. Automatic adaptivity should be added in due course.

Other freely available sparse-grid implementations:



Tar file: smobol.v1.0.tar.gz


Only documentation is the inline comments, see especially sparse.py. For example usage see the functions: unittest_integration(), unittest_interpolation(), and unittest_sobol(). For an example of coupling to an external code see "Example: typical use" at the end of sparse.py. The algorithms follow pretty closely those described in the citations below.

Please email me if you find bugs, extend the code in some way, or just find the code useful.


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Richard Dwight and Andrea Resmini